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The Edge of Forest

The Church that I Like

The White Cedar

Beside The Railway


At The City Outskirt

Towards Evening

Evening in Cherkasy

Morning in Cherkasy

The Rose Right in The Sun

Beside The Window




apples, apricots, ashberry, autumn, babies, beer, berries, birds, blue, cake, calm, carrot, cats, children, church, city, cityscape, clock, coffee, cornflowers, crocuses, daisies, drawing, evening, fish, flowers, food, fruits, green, irises, jug, landscape, magenta, mandarin, milk, morning, nature, nude, onion, oranges, peaches, peoples, pepper, portrait, pot, potato, railway, red, room, roses, storks, strawberries, sunflowers, trees, vegetables, violet, window-sill, winter, yellow