quarter calendars

Calendar templates for QUARTER have two configurations depending head image format:

1) Head image has vertical size more than horizontal one;
2) Head image has horizontal size more than vertical one.

The features of these configurations can be seen on the examples from the left.

Within this template you can:
- select needed year from 1583 to 2699;
- select a language for calendar;
- set a colour for names of week days (separately for working days and days off);
- set a colour for month names;
- set a colour for year figures;
- set a stroke colour for days and month names and year figures;
- set the appearance or absence of drop shadow for names days of the week, month, year figures;
- set a texture and a colour for background (ATTENTION: if the texture will be choosen without setting a colour of background, then calendar will have white background without a texture);
- set notable days together with a background colour of the square in which a number of month is placed;
- The drop shadow of the main image sets default and this setting cannot be changed.

The samples of images for the calendar template with the resolution of 300 dpi can be viewed by clicking their thumbnails below (these samples contain "watermark" but the image you ordered, of course, will not be have these marks):