2019-04-19 17:09:43

Still Life-4

'Still Life with Sweet Potato and Carrot', 40x50 cm, 2021

'Pears-2', 40x50 cm, 2017

'Bouquet of Roses', 50x40 cm, 2018

'The Bouquet of Peonies', 50x40 cm, 2017

'Apricots and Peaches', 35x50 cm, 2017

'Grape-1', 40x50 cm, 2019

'Still Life with Garlic', 35x50 cm, 2018

'Bouquet of Tulips', 60x50 cm, 2018


'The Rose on Yellow Tablecloth-2', 50x60 cm, 2017

'The Rose on Yellow Tablecloth', 50x60 cm, 2017

'Strawberries-3', 40x50 cm, 2017


'Roses and Apples', 75x60 cm, 2017

'Chrysanthemums', 48x60 cm, 2017

'Three Roses', 60x50 cm, 2017

'Yellow Rose and Oranges-2', 40x30 cm, 2017

'Yellow Rose and Oranges', 50x40 cm, 2017

'Still Life with Yellow Rose', 50x40 cm, 2017

'Still Life with Red Cup', 60x48 cm, 2017

'Still Life with Green Apples', 50x60 cm, 2017

'Still Life with Pumpkin-2', 40x50 cm, 2017

'Still Life with Purple Roses', 50x60 cm, 2017