2019-02-24 15:22:01


'Edge of the Forest', 50x35 cm, 2013


'Two Poplars', 45x60 cm, 2007


'Urban Fir-3', 70x50 cm, 2016

'Morning in Cherkasy', 40x30 cm, 2001


'Towards Evening', 50x40 cm, 2001

'Autumn Landscape', 60x50 cm, 2016

'In Cherkasy', 65x46 cm, 2004

'White House', 40x30 cm, 2017

'The Church I Like', 50x35 cm, 2017

'August', 60x50 cm, 2016

'Autumn Day', 70x60 cm, 2017

'On the Path', 50x35 cm, 2017

'The Ravine of Owls', 60x50 cm, 2012

'Landscape with Cloudlet', 40x50 cm, 2013

'Edge of the Forest-2', 50x35 cm, 2014

'Edge of the Forest-2004', 60x45 cm, 2014